Frequently Asked Questions

How safe and maintained are the trails?

Safety is one of our most important priorities. Currently there is a ranger on duty, as well as cameras throughout the trails. Furthermore, based upon research of existing trails and greenways, criminal activity is almost non-existent. Research also shows that greenways, trails and converted railway beds may actually discourage crime and vandalism. It also has been documented that trails projects raise property values for adjacent land owners. 

Alongside our wonderful volunteers, the city of Kings Mountain helps with maintenance of the trail, as well as Cleveland County, to ensure the trails stay safe and are taken care of.

What are the safety guidelines - especially for Covid-19?

  • In regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trail remains open dawn to dusk each day.
  • The benches, picnic tables, restrooms, workout stations, &  the picnic shelter are now open.
  • When visiting the Trail, please make sure to keep in mind social distancing by leaving 6 feet of space between others and groups.  This includes spacing for walkers and runners.
  • Everyone should stay to the right as much as possible when approaching others on the trail.
  • Runners and bikers should warn people when coming up behind them

How do I go about volunteering at the Trail?

If interested, you can volunteer as a group or individual. To do so, please call or email the Trail Director, Shirley Brutko. You may also reach out via the contact form on our Contact page.

Shirley Brutko – Executive Director of the Gateway Trail

Are there other things to do close by when visiting the Trail?

There are many great family friendly destination near the Gateway Trail. Some of these include the Kings Mountain Little Theatre, The Kings Mountain Historical Museum, Patriot Jack’s, the Southern Arts Society, Veronet Winery, and more! Please check the city website for local places to explore while visiting the trail.

What is a Greenway?

A greenway is a corridor of undeveloped land preserved for recreational and educational use. This greenway will encourage walking, jogging, biking, mountain biking, environmental education, etc.

Will the KM Gateway Trail connect to other trails?

Our goal is to link downtown Kings Mountain to Boulders Access at Crowders Mountain State Park. This will link users to Kings Mountain National Battlefield, Kings Mountain State Park, and the Over the Mountain Victory Trail. See also Carolina Thread Trail.

Who is leading this effort?

  • Kings Mountain Gateway Trails, Inc. is a local non-profit organization organized for the sole purpose of building and maintaining this greenway.
  • Cleveland County provides annual funding for maintenance. They also provide construction management, grant administration, and insurance services. 
  • The City of Kings Mountain also provides maintenance assistance.

How does the KM Gateway Trail benefit the community?

  • Supports economic development through tourism
  • Supports healthy lifestyles through exercise
  • Supports business development in Kings Mountain
  • Serves as a way of attracting and retaining new employers
  • Aids in fresh air and clean water preservation
  • Promotes conservation
  • Increases awareness of the History of Kings Mountain and the mining industry
  • Promotes Philanthropy
  • Educates our children through the use of outdoor classrooms
  • Connects our citizens to the beauty of nature

How long will the trail take to build?

  • We completed the trail head and loop trails in the fall of 2009.
  • We hope to connect to Davidson Lake on Alex Owens Road in 2022.
  • We hope to connect to Crowders Mountain State Park in the next 5 to 10 years.

How will the KM Gateway Trail be funded?

  • Local businesses, donors, and foundations have contributed thousands of dollars for the planning phases and for construction.
  • Cleveland County provides annual funding for maintenance, and has contributed over $240,000 toward trail construction.
  • NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund grant for $500,000 in 2008.
  • Carolina Thread Trail grant for $140,000.

How will land be acquired for the Trail?

  • Albemarle Lithium, Martin Marietta, & the Ware Family have donated easements for the trail.
  • We encourage other property owners to donate an easement to Cleveland County for future trail construction.

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