Future Plans

The Kings Mountain Gateway Trail will be a unique connection to area Parks, the Overmountain Victory Trail and eventually, the Appalachian Trail.  In addition, our trail in now a part of the Carolina Thread Trail system, Rails to Trails for North Carolina, and a National Recreational Trail Site for the United States. This trail system is planned to connect to 15 counties and over 2.3 million citizens.

TRAIL BUTTERFLY GARDEN:  In October 2016 Duke Energy, the corporate sponsor for the garden, the trail committee, and volunteers planted a 5,000 square foot butterfly garden on top of the Plateau.  Dennis Patterson and the trail committee are overseeing the project.  Lots of wildflowers along with Milkweed hopefully will attract Monarch and other butterflies and pollinators in the spring of 2017.  Duke Energy gave a very generous grant and also supplied volunteers to help with the project.  A beautiful rock lined path runs through the middle of the garden.  By all means, visit the area in the spring and bring your camera.  Kings Mountain is on the Monarch Butterfly Highway that runs from Mexico and goes north & then returns south.

Maps and Concepts